AM PLEASURE ASSASSINS (CD Release) with Mystee and Tonguebyte

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This is A.M. Pleasure Assassins’ OFFICIAL CD RELEASE SHOW (this album is exclusively NOT on streaming platforms!)!

A.M. Pleasure Assassins has been playing Fuzzy Trippy Alternative Experimental music in Fort Collins for over a decade and have recently begun an experiment wherein they play good music – so far the results appear positive.

Mystee has been crafting their Indie Rock in Fort Collins since 2021 have been writing some of the most casually heartfelt and infectious songs that fit like an audio puzzle piece perfectly into place in your listening habitation.

Tonguebyte is a genre-bending Rock and Indie outfit with a saxophone – like “Coltrain called… and he fully approves” type of wild style.

Each of these bands has one stylistic foot rooted sturdy in the past, and one foot sweeping always forward – positioned to kick the ass of whatever stands in their way.

Get your ticket to the party now – this show will move you to higher planes.

Event Details

Date: May 18, 2024

Start time: 09:00 p.m.

Venue: The Coast

Directions: 254 Linden Street Fort Collins, CO 80524


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